Applicant understands and acknowledges that the Global Licensed Aircraft Dealers Association (GLADA) is an Association of likeminded members in the business aviation industry for the benefit of the members, individually and/or as a group.  Members may from time to time disclose private or confidential information to other members.  Any information deemed by the disclosing party to be private or confidential, and which is not otherwise in the public domain (hereinafter “Confidential Information”), is to be held in the strictest confidence by the receiving party and shall not be disclosed to any third party  without the express written permission of the disclosing party.  

There is NO requirement to disclose any Confidential Information.  This is a benefit of GLADA membership – the ability to freely discuss our business activities in a collaborative manner.  Any violation of this policy may be met with immediate termination and expulsion from GLADA, along with other measures deemed appropriate by the GLADA board of directors.  

This benefit applies to each member including its affiliates, representatives, employees, directors, advisors, etc. (together, “Member Organization”).  Each member agrees that it shall not make use of, for its benefit or for the benefit of others, any Confidential Information received from other Member Organizations as defined, outside the context which such information was disclosed.  Furthermore, it is each member’s responsibility to ensure that its Member Organization protects any Confidential Information received from other members.

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