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Our Association is comprised of Licensed US Business Aircraft Dealers and Brokers, International Dealers and Brokers and other Industry Professionals engaged in the Business Aviation Industry.

Board and Other Members

Board of Directors

Guy Adams // Dallas, TX

Global Jet Aviation

Gary Anzalone // Weldon Spring, MO

Equus Global Aviation

Tom Flinn // Austin, TX

Flinn Aviation

Christi Law // Oklahoma City, OK

Elite Aircraft Title & Escrow LLC

Billy Meyer // Waco, TX

Texas Aero

Dr. Kevin O’Leary // Bedford, MA

Jet Advisors, LLC

Steven Rogers // Guernsey, Channel Islands

Aradian Aviation, Ltd.

Michael Zabkar // Naples, FL

U.S. Jet Search, LLC

Jason Zilberbrand // Des Moines, IA


Operating Director

Christine Blair

Legal Counsel

Cade Adams

GLADA strives to be the leading advocate in the fair business of buying, selling and leasing business aircraft. GLADA champions as a resource and leader in developing standards for efficient, effective and principled business practices in buying and selling aircraft. GLADA provides a foundation for professional development, welcoming the exchange of information amongst its members for the purpose of business growth and integrity.

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Aviators Market has been a GLADA Industry Member since November 2019. Becoming a GLADA member has proven to be one of the best decisions we made and continues to be to this day. Being a GLADA Member has opened doors for new business with other GLADA members that prior to becoming a member had been impossible, at best, to open. Every time we call on GLADA members our calls are always welcomed as if we are family. Every GLADA member we have connected with has taken advantage of the services Aviators Market offers to GLADA members.

Thank you GLADA! Our membership with you has helped us grow our business. That’s exactly what this association has done for us. I wish the ROI on everything else we do is as great as being a member of GLADA.

- Jeff LoParo, Aviators Market Publishing

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We are guided by a deep understanding and sensitivity to our members’ needs and concerns and stay focused on removing barriers to their success.


We believe that by sharing expertise, ideas and resources with others, we can build relationships and solutions that will advance the industry. GLADA seeks to find the best in brand companies, partners or platforms, rather than build or develop it ourselves.


We strive for open, two-way communication with members to inform our actions and decisions on their behalf.


To lead effectively, we must adapt to our changing environment and be proactive in shaping a future in which our members can thrive.


We believe that every voice has value in shaping the work we do, and that by embracing our differences, we will learn more, be stronger and develop better solutions.

Our Members


Columbia Air Solutions

Equus Global Aviation

Berard Aviation, Inc.

AccessAerospace LLC

Concentric Aviation, LLC

Modern Aviation Inc

HERREOS Aviation GmbH

Mira Aviation

AIC Title Service

Elite Aircraft Title & Escrow, LLC


Adyson Aviation Group

The Private Jet Company

International Jets, Inc.

The Law Office of L. Forrest Owens, P.A. - Aviation Legal Counsel

Global Jet Aviation

Business Air & Aviators Hot Line

Avsurance Corporation

Aviators Market Publishing

Lone Star Jet

Jet Advisors

Rose Aircraft Services, Inc.

Texas Aero

Avfuel Corporation

JetLoan Capital


AeroAdvisors Inc.

IntelliJet International

The Ritchie Group

Showcase Global Media

Jack Prewitt & Associates, Inc.

Aradian Aviation

Sky Aviation Holdings, LLC

Flinn Aviation, LLC

U.S. Jet Search, LLC

J More China Co., LTD

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